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La Jolla Youth Softball = Girls Having Fun

This site is no longer maintained by La Jolla Youth Softball but we at Goozleology SEO believe that softball it great for girls of all ages. So, we’re trying to provide good info about where girls in La Jolla can play softball. First of all, we recommend checking out the Coastal Bay Softball League.

Established in 2002, La Jolla Youth Softball has become the premier girls fast-pitch softball league in the La Jolla area of San Diego.  Our goal is to help our girls build strong fundamental softball skills, with a commitment to teaching and practicing the ideals of character, teamwork, good sportsmanship and fair play while having fun.

la jolla youth softball

La Jolla youth softball is so much fun!

La Jolla Youth Softball Association is a member of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), which runs the U.S. National Team and is the governing body of softball in the United States.  Unlike the Little League organization, we have no territorial limitations for playing, so we welcome girls who live anywhere into our league, including La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Del Mar.  Indeed, last year we had over 200 girls from over 50 different public and private schools play in our league.

La Jolla Youth Softball Association is a qualified I.R.C. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by an all volunteer staff.  All of our managers attend mandatory coaching clinics run by professionals and are ASA certified.  Many have five or more years of experience.  We also offer players’ clinics run by the coaches and players of mostly area schools like La Jolla High and Bishop’s High. LJYS fields All-Star teams in each division who compete in post-season tournaments leading up to the ASA District and State Championship tournaments.  Many of our alumni players are now standout players on their Junior High and High Schools teams.  Our spring program offers four divisions: 6 and under, 8U, 10U, and 12U.

We play our games primarily at La Jolla Elementary and Mission Bay Athletic Area in San Diego.  If you are interested in playing competitive softball, then we are the league for you!

Softball Can Be A Ton of Fun for Your Daughter

Second, they invest time with others their very own age, with any luck making good friends that they spend time with off the area when not playing the video game.

Belonging of any type of softball group is a chance to obtain time outdoors and away from electronic devices, which is so really uncommon for modern-day young people. It’s also a possibility to get exercise and also further establish physical coordination abilities.

Having and also increasing children is a blessing for many parents, as it is an enriching experience unlike other. It is in reality something that can not truly be taken into words for nonparents to recognize. However, raising youngsters is also incredibly challenging. You have to instruct them as long as you can regarding the world in the years they live under your roof covering before they go off as well as be adults of their very own.

Because of this, optimizing the efficient use of your kid’s time is important. You never ever want to make your kid feel like they need to be multitasking, yet you ought to be supplying your kid possibilities that give several advantages at the exact same time. Having him or her join La Jolla youth softball.

An additional huge advantage of La Jolla youth softball is belonging of something that is competitive, yet in a healthy and balanced means. Every kid stands to gain from discovering that setting details objectives, training for them, and then executing them can be an effective way of developing success in life.

The social advantages of young people softball leagues happen in two methods. Youngsters find out how to be part of a bigger team working together for a typical cause. This is extremely useful later on in life when they obtain a job as well as need to be a part of labor force or staff. Second, they hang around with others their own age, hopefully making close friends that they hang around with off the field when not playing the game.

You never desire to make your youngster feel like they need to be multitasking, yet you need to be offering your kid possibilities that offer numerous benefits at the same time. Having him or her take part in La Jolla youth softball.